No More Bailouts Petition

The tax-and-spend politicians in Washington have shown that they are more than willing to feed bad business decisions with billions in taxpayer bailouts.

With your help, we can fight back against the waste and political cronyism of government bailouts.

So please sign your No More Bailouts Petition which the National League of Taxpayers has prepared for your Congressman and Senators.

And after you sign, please consider a generous contribution of $100, $75, $50, or $35 to help serve a mandate on my colleagues.

Remember, a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, no matter if you can give $10 or $100.

Gary Paumen

No More Bailouts

Petition to the United States Congress

Whereas:   Our national debt is now $28 Trillion and continues to grow; and
Whereas:   Bailouts saddle hard working Americans with billion dollar tabs only to exacerbate the very problems they claim to be solving; and
Whereas:   Tax-and-spend politicians use bailouts to pay off union and corporate cronies; and
Whereas:   The government has no business pocking winners and losers;
Therefore: I urge you to rigorously oppose any and all future bailout attempts.
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