Abolish the Department of Education

Billions of federal tax dollars spent over decades have completely failed to help students in reading, math, science, or graduation.

The federal Department of Education's only role in our children's education is to load tax dollars with administrative costs and bureaucratic red tape.

So please sign your “Abolish the Department of Education” Petition which the National League of Taxpayers has prepared for your Congressman and Senators.

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Your donation will help your National League of Taxpayers generate a tidal wave of opposition to a bureaucracy proven to fail students and taxpayers alike.

Abolish the Department of Education

Petition to the United States Congress

Whereas:   The most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress finds that barely over a quarter of high-school seniors are proficient in math and less than half are proficient in reading; and
Whereas:   Graduation rates and reading, math, and science scores have shown no improvement across more than forty years of exponentially-rising education spending; and
Whereas:   American student achievement has for years lagged behind that of countries that spend far less on education; and
Whereas:   The federal education bureaucracy continues to fund programs like Head Start even as its own studies admit such programs do not produce results;
Therefore: I urgently demand your vote to abolish the Department of Education and end this costly, failed intervention in America's schools.
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